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Debbie Frank

A prolific media astrologer since 1994 when she started writing the horoscope column for SHE magazine, Debbie has also written horoscopes and columns for some of the UK’s biggest publications including a 5 year daily column in the Daily Mail online, Sunday Express, Hello, Instyle, Sunday Mirror and 5 year daily column in Daily Mirror.

Her media reach also includes E Entertainment where she is frequently interviewed on royal news, and BBC2’s Politics Today Show where she analyses politicians and trends.

She continues to see clients who have been coming to her for over 20 years. Well known as the ‘Astrologer to the Stars’, her most famous client was the late Princess Diana. Debbie became one of her inner circle in 1989 and they remained steadfast friends up until her death. In the last 6 years, Debbie has lived in New York building up a client base and returned to London where she has completed a 4-year training as an Esoteric Homeopath and is currently completing a 3-year training in Medical Astrology with Yubraj Sharma. She is now running her own series of workshops and combining all her multi-discipline trainings when working with clients.

Debbie is a respected author of Birth Signs (Random House), Baby Signs (Ebury Press and Simon and Schuster) and her most recent book, published by Penguin Books – Debbie Frank’s Cosmic Order Guide to Life, Love and Happiness also published by Ulysses Press as The Law of Attraction for Love.

Debbie is currently a visiting guru for the Four Seasons luxury hotel group in Bali and the Maldives where she runs workshops, gives talks and consultations for their guests on personal empowerment and self-development.

Debbie also travels frequently to New York to work with clients at the high-end private members club, The Core Club, and gives talks on personal empowerment and self-development at Soho House in London, New York.

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