Rachel Nwokoro stars in Little Baby Jesus

December 2019 / Author: Vince German

Here is a play that will be racing through you, making you laugh and think, long after you’ve left the theatre. It is by Arinzé Kene, who penned the smash hit Misty, a searing one-man show that burned with the heat of a live gig. This earlier play is about three inner-city teenagers on the verge of adulthood, each a little scared about who they might become. Like Misty, it is a genre-defying theatrical hybrid – a thrilling combination of performance poetry, standup comedy and good old-fashioned storytelling.

The energy levels in Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu’s live-wire production are something else. Before the show begins, the actors chat cheekily with the audience. As the stories unfurl, that easy interaction remains. The actors make eyes at the audience, tease us, even sit on us. With the performers perched on a barely raised tarmac platform – their playground for the night – there’s only the flimsiest of fourth walls. Everything they feel, we feel, too.

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